Sunday, 8 March 2015

Ahoy, hoy!

Anybody who used to like this, should start following this page right here, right now.  Don't think. Just act.

TPB, What?!  isn't going to bring you all manner of random, generalized information about the vast world of comic books when there's so many other people doing that much better then I would. Instead, the focus will be on new Trade Paper Backs and only new Trade Paper Backs.  From the major 2 to the bottom 5 I'm going to pick the best and the brightest, IMHO, and present them for your purchasing/researching/drooling pleasure every month.  Whether you decide to buy it, wish list it, or pass on it is entirely up to you.


(OK.  Full disclaimer.  It probably won't be ALL about trades, but, I mean, it'll MOSTLY be about Trades.  I'm just saying, in the spirit of honesty, that I might, MIGHT, occasionally post about, you know, a movie or something. )

I'm also open to any feedback or suggestions people may have as to what retailers to feature and which ones to skip over.  Also, if people want more of one and less of another then I'm totally open to that as well.  I'm a DC guy, (I know, right?  What is wrong with me?), so I'll initially be favoring them, but if that's not what you folks want to see then let me know.  I'm pretty amenable and at the end of the day I love comic books of all shapes and sizes and just want to be a part of that world.


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