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Marvel Pull List - Week of 01/04

Luckily Marvel made it easy this week by only putting out 2 trades because I have to make this quick. Have to go give a buddy a hand moving. I know, I know, incredibly selfless. 

1 out of the 2 trades being published is Avengers related and 5 of the 8 hardcovers are Avengers related so Marvel's making sure everybody has a chance to bone up before the new movie comes out. It's smart business, Marvel has been doing it for the few years that I've been looking in to this stuff and probably started doing it long before that.  Pretty soon we'll get a bunch of Ant-Man stuff and then whoever's movie comes next, (I don't try and keep up anymore.  I just wait for the inevitable influx of trailers and hype pieces just before the release and go, "Cool, guess so-and-so got a movie").

But enough of that nonsense.  Let's see if we can't race through this disclaimer business: 

Look, it's not all on me.  The internet's a big place.  Do some fact checking.  

Ok.  Works for me.  And now without blah, blah and absolutely no - you get the point. 

Avengers: Scarlet Witch By Dan Abnett And Andy Lanning

A collection of Scarlet Witch's various solo outings over the years for people to familarize themselves with Wanda Maximoff before she makes her big screen debut in Age of Ultron.  These kinds of collections are good for people who are curious about characters, but for people who worry about continuity they can sometimes be more of a hindrance as the stories contained within come from various years.  These books usually come out to capitalize off of some other project, like a movie or TV show.  

SRP: 24.99
Contains: Scarlet Witch #1-4, Avengers Origins: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, plus material from                     Marvel Team-Up (1st Series) #125, Solo Avengers #5, Marvel Comics Presents (1st Series)                 #60-63, 143-144 and Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch.

CRD: 21/04

Weirdworld Warriors Of Shadow Realm

So, I had to do a little looking around to see what this was.  It's an old fantasy series written by Doug Moench.  Moench has done some cool books for DC.  It'd be interesting to see how he does with classic fantasy.  This looks like a good book for anyone who had an interest in these stories as it looks like they were originally printed in a chaotic fashion.  The stories were collected in 5 different publications, some of which were listed as magazines and special issues, so I can't imagine collecting the original copies would be easy.

SRP: 34.99
Contains:  Marvel Premiere #38, Marvel Super Action (1976) #1, Marvel Fanfare (1st Series) #24-                      26, Marvel Comics Super Special #11-13, and Epic Illustrated #9 and #11-13.
CRD:  21/04


Avengers By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1 (HC)
Avengers: Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Prose Novel - HC)
Avengers: Rage Of Ultron (HC)
Avengers: The Vibranium Collection (HC - $200!?)
Marvel Masterworks - The Avengers Vol. 1 (HC)
Marvel Masterworks - The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 (HC)
New Avengers By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1 (HC)
Once Upon A Time: Out Of The Past (HC)

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