Monday, 23 March 2015

DC Pull List - Week of 25/03

All of this information is suggested.  Sometimes books get delayed, sometimes they get cancelled all together. Most of the time the trades will be available.  Prices are also suggested and subject to change at the discretion of the shop owner or the publisher themselves. 

So, without further adieu and absolutely no fanfare, we begin!

Adventures Of Superman Vol. 3

This is a multi-author, multi-artist, weekly adventures type series.  Every issue is a new story, by a new creative team.  I don't tend to enjoy this kind of thing.  It's not bad, a fun diversion, but I'm usually more into the books that have the big arcs and character development.  

Contains: Adventures of Superman (2nd Series) #11-17
SRP: $16.99
CRD: $31/03

All-Star Western Vol. 6: End Of The Trail 

I've never read a Western comic, never had any desire, but I have read books written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and they both do an always solid, and sometimes fantastic, job at writing fast-paced, engaging stories. I believe this series was one of the more recent cancellations by DC which is good and bad.  On one hand it's nice to know there's a foreseeable end but on the other hand, if you're enjoying it, it won't last long. Either way, it looks like I'm going to be traveling to the old west with Jonah Hex at some point.

Contains: All Star Western #29-34
SRP: $14.99
CRD: 31/03


Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet (HC)
Superman: Doomed (HC)

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