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DC Pull List - April 29th, 2015

So, there was a debate on a comic book related Facebook group today that, essentially, constituted what makes a true comic book fan.  Most of them seemed to feel that if you haven't read a comic book you aren't a true fan; if you only watch the movies or the TV shows you're of no use to real nerds.  Most of them also took issue to kids who talk like they know-it-all when they don't.  I'll admit that some of them had some good points, but what I kept thinking was: who cares?  What does anyone get from being the bigger nerd or the "True Fan", (as many of them like to be called)?  The answer is: Nothing.  You get Nada. Zilp. Zero - at least from the people around you. It's not like DC is going to phone me up tonight and say, "Hey, Lee, you're a True Fan and we'd love to offer you a job as our resident, go to, geek-about-town.  We're going to fly you to New York and pay you X amount of dollars a year because you know the most about our universe."  That has never happened and it will never happen.  Being a "True Fan", (God, I hate that phrase), or knowing more then the kid down the street doesn't get you anything.  My whole point, that some people seemed to miss or just didn't care, (don't blame you), is why can't we all just get along? We're all supposed to love comic books and the mythology behind them so why let it drive us apart? Why not use our shared loves as a way to come together, to meet new people and maybe even make a new friend?  And, for God's sake, why do we have to be so holier-than-thou, elitist about it all?  How miserable is someone's life that the only joy they can seem to muster is telling some NooB how stupid he is for not having read 75 years worth of Batman stories?  Instead of berating him and alienating a potential new fan, (who may one day write something you debate hotly on some stupid Internet chat room), why not talk to them?  They may be wrong, sure, but, if you know everything, point them in the right direction.  Help them take those first daunting steps in to a densely packed universe.  And if they truly are an ignorant little know-it-all then shake your head and walk away, secure in the knowledge that you've had the pleasure of discovery that they will never have.

Batman Vol. 5 Zero Year - Dark City

The idea of the Zero Year stories is to let us know how these new incarnations of our favorite heroes got to be where they are.  Batman's new origin story is told across two different trades, this one being the second and final.  I haven't read it yet but I have read the first three volumes of Scott Snyder's New 52 run and they were great.  I was not surprised at all that the Court and City of Owls were used for the latest DC animated feature.    

SRP: $16.99
Contains: Batman (2nd series) #25-27, 29-33
CRD: May 5th, 2015

Gotham City Sirens Vol. 2

 The image says "Cover Not Final" but this is the only image I can find associated with the book. 

These are Deluxe Edition reprints of the, sadly, short lived series starring Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as a group of anti-femme fatales. This was one of those books that was just plain fun, as most of Paul Dini's work tends to be.  He wasn't actually involved with the second half of the series but the first half he wrote was great.  Antony Bedard and Peter Calloway do an admirable job taking the reigns and kept the tone of the book in tact.  If you're trepidatious because Mr. Dini isn't involved, don't be.  The other writers were, technically, involved from the get go and it seemed to be a natural transition to them taking over.  

SRP: $24.99
Contains: Gotham City Sirens #14-26
CRD: May 5th, 2015


Fables Vol. 21: Happily Ever After
Green Arrow Vol. 6: Broken 

Batman Vol. 6: The Graveyard Shift (HC)

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