Saturday, 11 April 2015

Indie Pull List - Week of 15/04

Pretty slow week for the Indie's when compared with the 100+ titles that some weeks hold. Frank Frazetta playing cards, coasters and a, I would assume, a beer stein, (it just said stein - same difference, right?) were all on the list for Dark Horse but I removed them. I'm seeing the art of Frank Frazetta popping up on all kind of merchandise lately. That's good for his estate if they held any rights.  I know things have come a long way for creator's and their rights, which is always good but I can only assume it's still far from perfect.  Dark Horse also has a very timely Brienne of Tarth statue listed so when the fire that is Thrones is reignited tomorrow you can drop $225 and think it's a good idea.  Also, Dark Horse, (busy, busy), is offering a limited edition of their He-Man art book.  The regular is $40 which is reasonable for a hardcover with just over 300 pages.  They offer a limited edition for three times as much, ($125), that has a different cover, an art print and Castle Greyskull slipcase for it.  Not really worth another $85 even if it is limited to 4000.  Hey!  Full circle on the Frank Frazetta playing cards. They're purty.....


All of this information is suggested.  Sometimes books get delayed, sometimes they get cancelled all together. Most of the time the trades will be available.  Prices are also suggested and subject to change at the discretion of the shop owner or the publisher themselves.

Punks - The Comic Vol. 1: Nutpuncher 

Honestly, this probably won't be anything worth checking out.  I could be totally wrong, but based on the name's and the set up it seems like a comic book Young Ones.  I was hoping it would be something to do with Punk Rock Jesus, which was pretty entertaining.  So, it seems, Abe, Fist, Skull and Dog live in a house and vomit and punch each other and murder gnomes, (OK, that sounds a little interesting unless they mean garden gnomes and then it's retarded).  If that's all there is I'm not sure how long it could last.  Even the Young Ones get old, (Bottom on the other hand is delightful). 

Publisher: Image
SRP: $14.99
ContainsPunks - The Comic #1-5
CRD: 28/04

Godzilla - Rulers Of Earth Vol. 5

I actually like Godzilla movies, and movie monsters in general, but I look at these tie-ins, (comics, tv shows etc.), and I can't help but get a little high and mighty. I don't know why. Anyone who's seen more then 2 seconds of a Godzilla movie know's it's nothing to take seriously and more often then not is actually quite bad. But, like all things firmly rooted in the letter B, (and sometimes Z), they have a charm and a "magic of movies" factor that always appeals to me. Looking at this fantastic cover and reading the plot outline, which seems straight from the best movie they never made, it might be time for me to reconsider these books.   
Publisher: IDW
SRP: $17.99
ContainsGodzilla: Rulers of the Earth #17-20
CRD:  28/04

Halo - Escalation Vol. 2

These tie-ins I have been, more or less, keeping up on.  If you want to enjoy the games you basically don't have a choice but to read the novels and comics.  Like any sort of spin-off fiction the Halo universe is very hit and miss.  I'm almost done Primordium, the second book in Greg Bear's trilogy, and I've had to force myself many times to just keep reading.  On the other hand I enjoyed the first book, Cryptum. I've read most of Escalation and it's not too shabby.  The artwork is a little on the Saturday Morning Cartoon side of things, which doesn't quite match the games, but the plots are engaging and legitimately add things to the Halo Universe.  
Publisher: Dark Horse
SRP: $19.99
Contains: Halo - Escalation #7-12
CRD: 21/04

Bee And Puppycat Vol. 1
Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 1

Art Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe (HC - Limited Edition also available)
Art Of The Uncharted Trilogy (HC)
Bandette Vol. 2: Stealers Keepers (HC)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season 10 Vol. 2: I Wish
Crime Does Not Pay Archives Vol. 9 (HC)
Oreimo Kuroneko Vol. 1
Polar Vol. 2: Eye For An Eye (HC)
Prometheus - Fire And Stone
Witchfinder Vol. 3: The Mysteries Of Unland

Shadow - Year One Omnibus

Cartoon Network All-Star Omnibus
Complete Little Orphan Annie Vol. 11 (HC)
Starling Vol. 1: Ashley Wood (HC)
Transformers Classics Vol. 8
Wild Blue Yonder (HC)
Wormwood - Gentleman Corpse: The First Few Pints (HC)
X-Files - Season 10 Vol. 4 (HC)

Cyber Force Rebirth Vol. 2
Spread Vol 1. No Hope
Superannuated Man

Bloodshot Vol 6. The Glitch And Other Tales


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