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Indie Pull List - Week of June 10th, 2015

For no overwhelming reason I'm making Return of the Gremlins from Dark Horse my Hardcover Highlight this week. I've always wondered why the franchise hasn't been revived in this Golden Age of remakes, re imaginings and just plain rehashes.

And then I saw that.... Apparently I'm way off base.  And this is a re-issue of material from 7 years ago?  Ok, ok, was I totally crazy to assume that Dark Horse would be involved with the Stevey Spielberg produced/Joey Dante directed gem of the 80's?  I don't think I was.  And now I wonder if anybodies done that.... Doesn't look like it actually.  I wonder why?  



All of this information is suggested. Sometimes books get delayed, sometimes they get cancelled all together. Most of the time the trades will be available. Prices are also suggested and subject to change at the discretion of the shop owner or the publisher themselves.

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Classic G.I. JOE Vol. 16  

This is another series that's got the Classic label and is on the 16th volume.  At what point does something stop being classic?  The Deadpool volume that perplexed me was printing stories that were only 2 or 3 years old as "classic".  IDW has all ready done an 8 volume "best of", a 1 volume "omnibus and a 7 volume "complete collection".  What would the difference be?  The "classic" series was being printed the whole time these other collections were being offered up.  Why overlap so much?  The "classic" line DID start out publishing the old mid-80's books from Marvel but it's now catching up to more modern material from roughly 5 years ago.  So, I'll paraphrase a little and ask, at won't point does something START being classic?  Maybe the time it's published doesn't matter.  Being that this volume is written by one of the original authors of the Marvel books maybe "modern classic" would be valid...      

Publisher: IDW
SRP: $29.99
Contains: GI Joe: Real American Hero (2010) FCBD #155 1/2 and GI Joe: Real American Hero (2010) #156-165.
CRD: June 23rd, 2015

ODY-C Vol. 1

This is called a "Psychedelic Sci-Fi" retelling of Homer's The Odyssey.  The main character is now a girl named Odyssia.  She's the captain, it sounds like, of a crew trying to find their way home after the end of a one hundred year galactic war.   I read some of Matt Fraction's run on Invincible Iron Man just after the first movie came out and he was a solid writer. The art might take some getting used to but this sounds interesting and at only $10 could be worth the risk.     

Publisher: Image 
SRP: $9.99
Contains: Ody-C #1-5 
CRD: June 23rd, 2015


Adventure Time - Banana Guard Academy Vol. 1
Adventure Time - The Flip Side Vol. 1

Alien Vs Predator - Fire And Stone (previous volume mentioned here)
Aw Yeah Comics Vol. 2: Time For Adventure
B.P.R.D. 1946 – 1948 (HC)
Colder Vol. 2: The Bad Seed
Criminal Macabre Omnibus Vol. 3
EC Archives - Tales From The Crypt Vol. 1 (HC)
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Jungle Tales Of Tarzan (HC - $50 limited edition available as well)
Ghost Fleet Vol. 1: Deadhead
Ghost Vol. 4: A Death In The Family
Grip - The Strange World Of Men (HC)
Itty Bitty Comics - The Mask
Return Of The Gremlins (HC)
Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 29: Two Hundred Jizo (omnibus mentioned here)

Little Nemo - Return To Slumberland (HC available as well)
Popeye Classics Vol. 6 (HC)

Danger Club Vol. 2: Rebirth
East Of West Vol. 4: Who Wants War

Sixth Gun - Days Of The Dead

Doctor Who - The 12th Vol. 1: Terrorformer (HC)

Quantum And Woody Vol. 4: Quantum And Woody Must Die
Rai Vol. 2: Battle For New Japan

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