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Marvel Pull List - Week of June 10th, 2015


All of this information is suggested. Sometimes books get delayed, sometimes they get cancelled all together. Most of the time the trades will be available. Prices are also suggested and subject to change at the discretion of the shop owner or the publisher themselves.

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Ok, whoa, whoa, whoa.  I can't continue until I learn more about this issue.  How does Aunt May and some punk from the neighborhood go up against  Galactus!?!?!  First off, this comic has not appreciated in value AT ALL.  Near Mint fetches a whopping $2.00.  One little fact that may have kept it from being a dollar for Mint is that it's written by Mike Carlin, (who went on to write for Iron Man, Avengers, Daredevil, Batman, JLA, Superman).  This story was concocted as a tribute to Hostess who were doing full page ads at the time.  The only cheap thing, (well, the whole story being an advertisement feels pretty cheap, too), is that it's all Spider-Man's dream but I guess that makes more sense then trying to actually explain how this would happen.  Anywho, Aunt May and Franklin actually have to keep Galactus alive by rounding up all of the Twinkies in the world and letting him eat them. Yes, I'll give you a second to read that again.  I don't know how much money Hostess was pumping to the Big Red in the 70's but it's crazy that this book actually came out.


Ant-Man - Scott Lang

Two Ant-Man trades this week as trailers for the movie begin tickling out.  While waiting to start Mad Max: Fury Road, (which is as good as the proverbial "they" say), I was surprised to hear Ant-Man referred to as Scott.  For some reason I just assumed they'd go with Hank Pym. Maybe I assumed that because I'm more familiar with Hank Pym.  I wasn't even sure if there was a second Ant-Man until that trailer last weekend.  This book is more of a hodge podge then a stand alone story but if you're like me and weren't even sure if there was another Ant-Man or you're just curious about what might be in store next month this book is the place to start.  

SRP: $24.99
Contains: Marvel Premiere #47-48, Iron Man (1st Series) #131-133, #151 and material from #125, Avengers (1st Series) #195-196, #223 and material from #181, Marvel Team-Up (1st Series) #103, Marvel Two-in-One (1st Series) #87
CRD: June 30th, 2015

Ms Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed 

I've heard rumors that Angelina Jolie is asking around about directing a Ms. Marvel, (or was it Captain Marvel?), movie with Charlize Theron as the Marvel in question.  Is there any validity to that, does anyone know?  I'm going to go on record as saying I would watch that.  It could be a smart move by the misogynist Marvel to reverse some of those growing opinions, (all though when the head of Marvel Movies says he doesn't think a woman could support a whole movie it's a little hard to ignore).  Either way that's all speculation. This book isn't.  It's the third volume to the series I covered here when the second volume came out.  

SRP: $19.99
Contains:  Ms. Marvel 12-15, Annual 1 
CRD:  June 23rd, 2015


Iron Man Vol. 5: Rings Of The Mandarin
Marvel’s Ant-Man - Prelude 
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 2: Revelations 
Silver Surfer Vol. 2: Worlds Apart 

Marvel Masterworks - The Fantastic Four Vol. 17 (HC - Variant available)
Deadpool by Posehn and Duggan Vol. 2 (HC)

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